ECA Certificate Management Center
Manage Your ECA Certificate

Enroll for Your ECA Certificate

All ECA certificates are issued with a key size of 2048 bits, resulting in a highly-secure certificate.

Pick Up Your ECA Certificates
Install your ECA Identity and Encryption Certificates after Symantec sends you the approval email. You will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the approval email to pick up your certificates.

Renew Your ECA Certificate
Renew your ECA Certificate to ensure uninterrupted security and access. You can renew a certificate as far in advance as 90 days prior to expiration.
All ECA certificates are renewed with a key size of 2048 bits, resulting in a highly-secure certificate.

Revoke Your ECA Certificate
Revoke an ECA Certificate in case of suspected compromise, including lost or stolen private keys, corrupted key pairs, or suspected fraud.

Search for ECA Certificates
Find and manage your ECA Certificate or send someone an encrypted email. This function is also useful for determining whether a certificate is valid, expired, or revoked.

Request the Recovery of a Private Key
Request the recovery of a Symantec ECA Encryption Certificate Private Key.

CA Information

Download the ECA Root CA and Symantec ECA CA certificates. Your ECA Certificate will not work unless you have downloaded and installed the Root CA.

Symantec ECA platform support

Verify that your operating system and Web browser is supported by Symantec ECA.